Payton June Valentine
Payton June Valentine
Payton June Valentine

What's in the pics?

Antlers: If you were following the family website back in March, you know we spent a few weekends antler hunting with no success. Well Ryan managed to find some giant antlers one day while working. I am pretty sure he told me they were elk antlers... but I could be wrong. They are sitting in the garage right now, if Ryan has his way, we'll have an antler chandelier or some other lovely piece of antler art.

Easter: The kids had fun dying Easter eggs this year. They were both a little impatient and didn't want to let the eggs sit in the colors for very long so we had a lot of pastel colored eggs (Watch the Video). On Easter Sunday, we went down to Corey and David's house for an Easter Egg hunt. Corey went all out. She had talking eggs, eggs with toys, eggs with money, and eggs with candy all hidden around her house and yard for the kids. Payton is wearing the same dress this year as she wore last year... It was a little warmer this year so we were able to ditch the leg warmers and fuzzy boots, but the dress still fits. Colt totally got the concept of the egg hunt this year. He event managed to find a couple of Uncle David's lost golf balls and Darian's lacrosse balls.

Ryan at work - any random animal pictures (like the one with the 6 deer in this gallery) are usually something that Ryan took while working. He sees a ton of wildlife at the office.

Running - I am still trying to keep in shape by running and going to the gym. My mom (Peg) and I ran the Fun with the Fuzz 5k this year. The proceeds go to the Behind the Badge Foundation which is a great cause. Despite the constant urge to pee, the run went great. We finished in about 31 minutes.

Kids - I actually think the pictures of the kids at the beach with my parents is from a few months ago, but I couldn't remember exactly so I put them here. They were at my mom and dad's house for the beach and field pictures. Then the pictures of them at the park are from another night where my awesome parents pitched in and baby-sat so Ryan and I could go to an auction for Ryan's work.

Kiddos dying the Easter eggs

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