Payton June Valentine
Payton June Valentine
Payton June Valentine

August 2012

Welcome Korin Scott Valentine! Here is the full story... Korin was born on August 2nd at 1:31am. She was 7lbs, 2 oz and 20 inches long. She was the smallest one of the kids by a pound. Check out the kids' stats to see how she stacks up. She came quickly into this world. My official due date was August 5th but on the evening of the 1st I started having some contractions that I couldn't ignore. I started timing them around 8:30pm. The older kids were in bed and Ryan and I were hanging out in the home office. Ryan was undoubtedly researching fantasy football while I answered some emails and watched Shark Tank on Hulu. The contractions started out irregular. Every 7 - 10 minutes and lasting anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute. Around 9:30 they started to get more intense and happen more regularly. By 10pm, they were happening every 4 minutes and lasted a minute each. That is when I decided it was time to go to the hospital. I made Ryan go shower (I couldn't have a stinky support person) and I called Karen (friend/neighbor/daycare provider/master baker) over to stay with the older kids.  She came over right around 10:30. Karen and I waited for Ryan to finish getting ready, and when he was done doing his hair, we left to go to the hospital.

We got to the hospital around 11 and got put in the triage room for assessment. We warned the triage nurse that this was our 3rd kid and that the last one came very quickly. Despite giving her this information, she decided to make us wait in triage for 30 minutes before she checked to see how dilated I was. When she finally checked, I was 6 CM dilated. The nurse then decided to start hustling and getting me checked in. Around midnight, we were finally put in the delivery room. I told them that I did indeed want an epidural (contractions are not fun) and things were set in motion.

I think Ryan said it best when he said that it was like all the nurses were on stationary bikes. They were all moving and acting very busy, but nothing was actually getting done. It took forever for them to get my IV in, then they didn't put a label on the blood work they sent to the labs, they couldn't find the epidural cart, nothing was going "right". I heard the nurse utter "You might not have time for an epidural" and I started preparing myself for a delivery without drugs. By the time the anesthesiologist arrived and was prepping me for the epidural, I needed to push... so, I laid back down and started pushing... no epidural. And no doctor. My on-call doctor apparently wasn't aware of how quickly I had progressed and was about 20 minutes away. I was not waiting for him. The nurse put on her gloves and was ready to deliver when good ol' Dr. Madsen walked in the door! Dr. Madsen was my OB with both Payton and Colton and we loved him! He "retired" in 2010 but does one shift a week at the hospital. Luckily, he was on that night. So he walked in and had just enough time to put on his gloves before Korin was born.

I remember Ryan telling me that it was a girl which was pretty cool. About 5 minutes after she was born, in walked our actual doctor... a little late to the party. After that it is a blur of blood pressure checks, tests, temperature checks (Korin's body temperature was too low. She had to go into the nursery for an hour to get warmed up) and waiting. We were ready to go home by 10 that morning. My doctor had discharged me by then, but we had to wait for the pediatrician to come and discharge Korin. We waited, and waited and waited and finally at 6pm, Korin was give the green light to go home.

We loaded up the car and headed to Karen's house to collect Payton and Colton. Karen hadn't told them about their new sibling yet. So in we walked with Korin in her car seat. Both Payton and Colton had great reactions to the "new baby". Colton wanted to give her kisses and Payton was just happy that she did indeed get what she wished for; a sister.

About her name - Korin Scott is named after some great women in our lives. Her first name is a mix of my sister's names (CORey and RobIN). Her middle name is the same as her Grandmother's (Ryan's mom) middle name. With the mix of those 3 ladies, she is sure to be strong, confident and maybe a little on the crazy side (in an awesome loving way). The actual name Korin means spear bearer. So look out world, she may be small now but she is mighty.

As I write this (August 11th) I have to say that Korin is great. She is sleeping and eating very well. She is up about every 3 hours during the day and 3 - 4 hours at night. She does not appear to have her days and nights mixed up like Colt and PJ did. Colt and PJ are adjusting to life with her quite well. They like to mimic Korin when she cries, shush her to make her quiet, kiss her, hold her, hug her and really just be around her. Payton doesn't quite understand why Korin isn't awake more and is totally delighted when Korin does decide to open her eyes for a bit. Payton loves to look at her and say "she is adorable" or "she is so cute I just want to cry".

So far... life with 3 kids is great. Ask me again tomorrow... you might get a very different answer. It is nice to have tipped the scales of boys vs. girls in our house. I see many "boys only" trips for Ryan and Colton in the future.

Other August Happenings...

The Lynden Park - There is a sweet park in Lynden (the town to the North of us). We met up with Patrice's friend Anne-Marie and her son Jamisen and had a fun play date. It was pretty warm, but that didn't slow the kids down. They ran up the stairs, went on slides and bridges and had a great time.

Addison's Birthday - We have known Addi since she was born. Her parents (Tim and Lisa) had her 5th birthday party at the Children's museum in Bellingham. At the party, the kids painted these super cute bubble gum machines. They also got to take a whack at a pinata.

Jewel's Birthday - Jewel is another cutie that we have known since she was born. She and Addi were born just 6 days apart (Jewel is older). Jewel's parents (Jessica and Richard) just moved into an awesome new house on Lake Whatcom. We went over for a birthday dinner on August 13th. The picture of all the kids (minus Korin) has to be one of my favorites. 6 years ago Tim, Lisa, Jessica, Richard, Ryan and I were all wine tasting in Prosser... now look at what we have done? In 5 years we have 6 girls and 1 boy between the 3 couples. What a difference a few years makes!

Lynden Fair! - Uncle Justin, Aunt Andi, Connor and Logan came over for a visit (see cast of characters to see where they fit in). They were here for just a couple of nights, but we had such a good time with them. Ryan took them and PJ and Colt up to the Lynden Fair on the hottest day of the year. The kids had a great time though. They got to milk cows, go on rides, eat snow-cones and just horse around. Ryan took Colt on the dragon roller coaster (which PJ loves) and Colt was not a fan. They went around the track twice, then Colt wanted to get off. Too bad they don't offer refunds! We didn't get any pictures of Justin or Andrea with the kids which is a major bummer!  Guess we'll have to get together again soon to get some pics!

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