Payton June Valentine
Payton June Valentine
Payton June Valentine

Wow, July flew by. Here is a little recap to what we did...

The 4th - we spent another great 4th of July at Patrice's parents house. The fireworks are incredible. Truly the most amazing display of fireworks we have ever seen. The Jones' came out again this year so did the Tang's and Robin and Josh. We BBQd, made Smores and let off our own little fire work show (thanks to Uncle David). We had a great time.

Running Bug - Patrice and Peg got the running bug... on July 9th they participated in the Chuckanut Foot Race. It is a 7 mile race that takes you along Chuckanut ridge and has beautiful views of the bay. Gorgeous race. Patrice finished in 1:09 and Peg finished in 1:22. It was a fun race, with a massive hill about 4 miles in.

Ryan decided to take part in the competitive exercise arena with the Warrior Dash on July 16th. Ryan and Justin (his brother) and Justin's friend Rob all decided to take part in the 3.5 mile run. Along the course they had to run over fire, do a cargo climb, climb over junker cars, through a dark and muddy tent and other obstacles. Ryan finished in 44 minutes. Seemed insane to me, but they said they had a great time and the pictures prove it. Mike and Crystal Moore (Ryan's cousins) also participated in the race.

Patrice and the kids also got to spend a couple weekends down at Corey and David's house in Bothell. Patrice left the kids with Corey and was able to go spend a few hours with some friends from high school. She got to see DeeDee and Val and their new baby girls. DeeDee had Eliana on April 27th and Val had Lyla on May 31st. Both girls (and their mommy's) are beautiful. It was fun to catch up with gals that I've known since I was 12.

The weather was nice enough when we were at Corey's house that we were able to get a little pool time in. PJ took to the pool easily this year. With the life jacket on, she is a fish. Loves being in the pool and can play in there for hours. She tried swimming once with the life jacket off... sank like a lead weight... Patrice had to go in after her fully clothed... Colt also likes the pool. The verdict was out for a minute there; when he initially got in he wasn't too sure about the pool. But after he got used to it, he spent about an hour lounging around in the little pool toy.

Colt is now fully walking. It is by far his preferred mode of transportation now. It took a while, but once he figured it out; as Barb would say "Katie bar the door!" The kid is a maniac now. He is starting to talk a lot more. Favorite word is Mama. Second favorite is night night. He is a total riot and is all boy. He laughs when he toots or burps and scratches his buns the moment his diaper comes off. He loves making people laugh and is generally a very happy child. We love our crazy life right now.

Ryan is looking forward to hunting season. He is working a lot right now, August 1st is the opening of Bear season so he is going from really busy to super busy.

Patrice has decided to run the full Bellingham Bay marathon in September. She was just going to do the 1/2 but on August 1st, decided that 26.2 miles sounded like a good idea... really... it did sound like it at the time. So the training intensifies now. Should be fun. :)

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