Payton June Valentine
Payton June Valentine
Payton June Valentine
Payton is loving the nice weather. All she wants to do is go for walks or play outside. She loves running over to Spencer's house. In these first pictures, we were at the Jones' for a BBQ on May 1st. There were plenty of other kids around to help entertain Payton. She found this baseball bat and carried it around for quite some time.
Then just a few days later we were on a walk around the neighborhood and PJ was collecting rocks. She must have leaned over to pick up some more rocks, and she just fell right over. Since she wasn't willing to let go of any of the rocks that she had already collected, she fell right on her face instead of bracing herself with her hands. She cried for a few minutes, but even before we had made it back home she was fine and wanting to play with the puppies again. It definitely looks worse than it was.
The other lovely thing that happened on this walk is that the dogs must have gotten into some bad water, because they both ended up with Giardia the next day. Sarge really got it bad... we'll just leave it at that. Ryan and I had a few long nights dealing with the aftermath of that.
For Mother's day, my mom and dad came up from Redmond to help build a railing on our back stairs. Payton has figured out how to open the doors, and the other morning I found her peeking precariously over the edge of the stairs. Since it is a concrete landing, we decided to get the railing up as soon as possible. It only took 3 hours to put up and was a fantastic mother's day present. Then we had a BBQ and my sister Robin and her friend Molly came over for dinner. Ryan had to leave early to head to Morton, WA to teach an ATV class, but he was still able to help out with the railing. The weather cooperated too. It was a beautiful day.
Ryder checking out the new railing
Ryder checking out the new railing
PJ was quite helpful once she got up from her nap
Didnt know we were at the gun show
One side is done
Deep in thought
They let me use power tools
PJ could hear Spencer on the other side of the fence
She just could not figure out how to get to him
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