Payton June Valentine
Payton June Valentine
Payton June Valentine
We made it through Payton's first year. We had a lot of fun and took a ton of photos. Just click on the links to the left to see some of the things we did during Payton's first year. At one year old, she wasn't quite walking on her own. She had taken some unassisted steps, but was still able to get around faster by crawling than by walking. She has quite a vocabulary, although she isn't sure that any of her words have meaning yet. She says no, nose, dog, mama, dad, dada, and a variation of many other words. She is really starting to understand what we say and is very interactive.
Some of her favorite things are:
  • Her dogs
  • Green Beans
  • Her friend Spencer
  • Mom and Dad
  • Taking things out of the bottom drawer in the kitchen
  • Feeding the dogs her food
  • Any toy that makes noise

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