Payton June Valentine
Payton June Valentine
Payton June Valentine

October 2012

Birthdays! October was another busy month. Ryan turned 35 on the 7th. I am sure we did something fun but we didn't capture any of it on film so there is no evidence of fun being had. For Payton's birthday, however, we had lots of fun! We had the Reynolds/Tang clan come up on Saturday the 20th for a fun birthday party. Then on her actual birthday (the 21st), we went over to the Teshera's to celebrate with her other family. It is hard to believe that Payton is 5 already. She is so smart and funny. She certainly keeps us on our toes as she has a keen memory and can repeat anything you have ever told her (or said when she was within earshot). She is a great big sister to Korin and is ok with Colton. Colt and PJ are either best friends or fighting like cats and dogs.

The awesome news for Colt this month is that he is POTTY TRAINED! No more diapers for this little man. I am so, so happy. I didn't mind changing his diapers until Korin was born. But ever since she has been here, changing him seems like changing a full size person and it just wasn't right. He loves his cars and Thomas the train big boy undies. He is even staying dry at night, it's like a Christmas Miracle in October!

Airplane Ride - Sadly, Nick Hebb's (Ryans good friend from High School) dad, Dave Hebb, passed away on October 13th. Ryan had a great amount of love and respect for Dave Hebb so he and Colt flew from Bellingham to Spokane to attend his service. Colt was thrilled to go on his first plane ride and had a good time staying with his cousins in Spokane. Ryan was able to spend a little time with the Hebb's before flying home to attend Payton's parties.

Snohomish River Run - Because I enjoy torturing myself, I let my friend Elise Hebb talk me into running the Snohomish River Run half marathon with her at the end of October. I then managed to talk my mom into running the 1/2 and my sister Robin into running the 10k. This one was much less painful than the Bellingham race last month. I was still ill-prepared but at least my muscles didn't seize up during the last 3 miles and I was able to run (with Robin) across the finish line.

Halloween - This kids had a great time with Halloween this year. Colton kept going back and forth on what he wanted to be. Some days it was Handy Manny and other days it was Fireman Sam (or Fire Sam) as he calls it. We ended up with the Fireman costume and I thought he looked great. PJ has known that she wanted to be Ariel from the little mermaid since last Halloween. And little Korin, she got to be Candy Korin. :) Next year we are thinking she'll be Korin on the Cob, or Pop Korin. I'm sure she'll love it.

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