Payton June Valentine
Payton June Valentine
Payton June Valentine
September was a busy month for us! September 6 - 11, we went to Montana with the Net Solutions Crew. It was Bob, Peg, Patrice, Ryan, PJ, Shane, Nate and Natalie. Ryan went Grouse hunting almost everyday that we were there, while the rest of us got a few hours of intense meetings in and then played the rest of the day. Only the men went swimming... the women were much smarter and chose to stay away from the freezing glacier water.

PJ did decide to scare the crap out of all of us when she went on a 45 minute hike by herself in the woods. It was a classic case of every one else thinking that someone else was watching her. It was dusk when we noticed that she was missing and we were all very scared about how dark it was getting. We searched the water (thank God she wasn't in the lake) and the surrounding areas and then finally Shane found PJ and Sarge about 1/4 mile down a game trail. We were more than relived that she was home safe. Next year at the cabin, PJ will be on a leash.
PJ throwing rocks into Lindbergh lake
PJ throwing rocks into Lindbergh lake
good distance on that throw
so many rocks, so little time
This is where Sarge spent the week
might be left handed...
Natalie watching PJ throw rocks
On a rock hounding mission
Ryan spent the week Grouse hunting. This was after one successful day
Shane and Nate getting some work done
Peg and Bob working
PJ and ee-ee
The view from the Montana Office

On September 15th, Patrice accepted a big award from the Puget Sound Business Journal. She was named one of the PSBJ Top 40 Under the Age of 40. Out of 500 nominees, Patrice was one of the 40 honorees. It was a fun event that Bob, Peg and Ryan attended too.
Patrice receiving the top 40 under 40 award
Patrice receiving the top 40 under 40 award
Patrice, Bob and Peg at the 40 under 40 Event
Ryan and Patrice at the awards

On September 18th, we headed over to Othello to go to the Adam's County Fair and Rodeo. We try to go every year as it is one of the only times we get to see a lot of Ryan's family in once place. We got to see his Grandma, his mom, his brother, his aunt/uncle and his cousins and all of their kids. It was hectic and crazy at times, but PJ seemed to have a good time and really enjoyed looking at the animals. The video below is from the Rodeo. Pretty cool.
Patrice and PJ at the Rodeo
Patrice and PJ at the Rodeo
Ryans cousin Mike tries on a new cowboy hat at rodeo
Bama and PJ have fun at Rodeo in matching outfits
PJ and Patrice at the fair
PJ petting the goats
Ah, the hat looks much better on PJ

And the last big hurrah of September, was taking the car through the car wash after all of our driving. This was PJ's first trip through the car wash and we totally felt is was necessary to video tape it. I am sure we will have this much footage of our second kid too...

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